Our Mission and Motto



We of the Newaygo Medical Care Facility are caring people, and we want to make a positive difference in the lives of our elders, their families and friends, our employees and members of our community.

We care to make a difference in quality of life for each of our elders.  All of us in some way provide or support the care given to our elders.  Each of us appreciates the dignity of our elders.  We will be responsive to their choices and desires.  We will ensure they are treated with compassion, their needs are met, and their comfort and safety are well attended.

We care to make a difference in the lives of our elders' families and friends.  We can do this by giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are in the best of hands.

We care to make a difference in our working lives here.  We will strive to make the Facility a good place to work, where we help and support each other to succeed.

We care to make a difference in our community.  By being conscientious in what we do, and how we utilize resources, we can ensure the people of Newaygo County have access to high quality long-term medical care now and for many years to come.

The following poem was written by an area student whose great grandmother was an elder of the Newaygo Medical Care Facility.  We hope you'll enjoy this young women's insights into what it means to have "A Home Away from Home".


The Newaygo Medical Care Facility; Is like a home away from home

People who live there say; It is a place to call your own

As I walked through the doors; I admit I was scared

But then was relieved; To find such warmth in the air

Day after day;  I looked at the pictures

That hung on the walls; And listened to the birds

That were caged in the halls;  I was taken by surprise

When I walked outside; To see a garden with benches

Along the side; I met with a women

Who was sitting in bed;  She told me some stories

Any many thoughts in her head;  She said every morning

They were greeted with a smile;  On there way to the dining room

To breakfast for a while; We talked of falling leaves

Dropping from the many trees;  And the colors that were changing

Like the many years she had seen;  She talked of my great grandma

Who had just passed away;  They were roommates together

She told me how close; The two had became

She said that in this caring place; Friends come like rain

She told me how hard it was;; To leave all she has known

But how happy it has made her; To be part of this home

Some people may think; That this place called a "home"

Is just a place to put old people; Who cantí live on their own

But it is way more than that;  It is just like life day to day

It is about good loving people; Who need a helping place to stay

Residents and staff said, more or less; This is a great place to be

For everyday people; Including you and me.

                                                                   By:  Jenna Moore  

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