We believe that every individual - resident, family member and staff member -  has value and should be treated with dignity.  We also know that in some healthcare settings, the tendency is to focus on diagnosis and treatment.

Here at Newaygo Medical Care Facility, we focus on caring.  Caring is more than just treating what the doctor says is wrong, it is combating with our strength and imagination the three things that cause the majority of suffering:


We are an Edenizing facility. That means the way we treat residents is like we would a friend, or beloved family member.  The Eden AlternativeŽ is an approach to care that recognizes the importance of treating a person's heart as well as heart condition.  While we do our best to heal bodies, we must feed spirits.

We encourage new ideas, spontaneous acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration throughout our resident's home.

Edenizing is not so much a destination, but a journey.  We travel life together, making it more worthwhile for our residents, and the staff providing the care.  Edenizing focuses first on the residents, their wants, needs and wishes. Treatment is provided through this care process.

For more information on the Eden Alternative and the Eden principles please visit the Eden Website at: